Take your pet on 4 paws quite carefree with us on vacation. Our dog Charly and we together with welcome you and your sweet fur nose to Tiefenbrunn.
Booking of your 4-legged is required (15,00 € per day without food).

In addition to such understanding you will get:
• Pee-paths for your dog directly from the hotel
• Dogs are allowed on all guided hikes (Approach to the beginning of the tour with your own car)
• Spacious rooms
• Washable sleeping mattress with blanket in the room
• Food / water bowl in the room
• Dog poop bags free of charge
• Water points at the hotel
• Storage for brought food
• Vet nearby

Hotel Im Tiefenbrunn - Lana (3)

Hiking with a dog in South Tyrol

The quality of a joint break with your special four-paw friend is guaranteed. Some little rules to make walking fun for everyone:
• Well socialized dogs are welcome everywhere in South Tyrol!
• Dogs that like to hunt are easier to control on a leash
• In the train, bus and in the cable cars, the dogs in South Tyrol wear a pleasantly sitting muzzle. There is then a treat!
• Domestic dog Charly is compatible with any size and breed. An introductory round in the fenced, small dog area is fun for everyone.
• Some tours are done by cable car or chairlift. Does your dog already know that and take it easy? Then let’s start!
• Owner lady and / or owner lord take responsibility for their dog.